Top 5 Weirdest Art In The World: From Rollaway Beds To Eggs

NYC isn’t the only place in the world with lots of art. Europe has a great amount of galleries and museums and of course some of the richest art in the world.

But what is art? That is a debate that has raged for eternity. Just because you think something is fabulous doesn’t mean someone else thinks its any good! And that’s what this article is about. The worst, or weirdest, art pieces we can find from rollaway beds to eggs to lobsters.

My Bed

Yes, we covered this ‘piece of bed art’ in a past article. All the same, it wouldn’t be right to skip its inclusion this time around! What an ugly piece of trash (in my opinion of course.)

How could you recreate it? Why would you want to? But if beds are your thing and you want a similar looking piece then I suggest buying a full size rollaway bed and starting with that. The reason I suggest a rollaway bed is because then it’ll be easier to move it to the trash!


This crazy Dutch guy went all out and ‘spread’ 13-14 very large eggs on the concrete. It looks like they are frying! Maybe it is meant as some kind of reflection on global warming. Or maybe he likes really large chickens? I don’t know.

It’s a strange piece of art, almost as odd as the rollaway bed piece shown above.

The Lobster Phone

I haven’t had the chance to include Dali in anything yet, as his museum is in Florida not here in NYC. And I obviously try to stay local. However, this time we are talking about ugly or strange art like beds and eggs and such.

So the inclusion of Salvadors Lobster Phone thing is a no-brainer. Did you know Dali considered the lobster sexual? Yes, sexual. That alone is weird.

Big Electric Chair

Lets bring this article back to New York for a look at the Big Electric Chair. Andy Warhol may be famous for his other works, but he isn’t as recognized for this dark piece.

Based on the real chair from a prison (Sing Sing… what a ridiculous name). In any case, it’s a strange thing to paint.

The Smiling Spider

Wouldn’t want this in your bed eh? Ugly and creepy, this is the smiling spider. Actually it isn’t so bad, I like the colors and all, but I don’t really want a smiling spider looking at me all day.

Odilon Redon created it, and I think he can keep it!