New York Art Institutes And Culture

New York city is home to many famous art schools, there’s the school of Visual Arts, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, New York Institute of Art and Design, National Academy School of Fine Art and the New York Academy of Art, just to name a few.

The rich and diverse influx of immigration to the US throughout its history has helped contribute to the to the cultural diversity and energy of New York. With 8 million people of different cultures living and studying within the the city, it remains the most populated and culturally influential city in the United States.

For the student wishing to study art in New York the possibilities are almost endless, the arts are not only an area of study in New York, but are also a way of life. Not only is the excellent art schools in New York a magnet for students from all over the country studying every form of art, but many international students also choose to come to this famous city to complete their art education.

For the international student the American dream of opportunity and self determination, couldn’t be more alluring. New York is recognized as a financial centre of the world, an international destination for foreign travellers, and home to the most spectacular night life scene in the world.

International students studying there can be confident there are several premiere public and private educational institutions to choose from. New York is also a good choice for students interested in American and world history, especially art history and literature. In fact the international student studying here that has a love for art history, will appreciate living nearby several locations that served as the real world inspiration for premiere 19 century American landscape artwork.

Knowing the history of art is very important to an artist’s development, and there is no better place to study art than in New York city.

Whatever type of art you love, you are sure to find it in NY, whether it be paintings, film, bed art, sculptures, modern art or old masters, NY has every category of art you can think of. In NY art is everywhere it’s in the subways, gallery’s, museums and on the streets.

Take a walk around and be surprised by the sculptures you will unexpectedly see, from the Charging Bull, also known as “The Bull Of Wall Street” this sculpture is located near Wall Street and symbolizes the aggressive nature of capitalism.

The bronze sculpture of George Washington is located in front of Federal Hall, down town Manhattan. At the southwestern corner of Central Park you will find a statue of Christopher Columbus. West of the United Nations Headquarters you will find Rockefeller Centre and the art deco style sculpture of Atlas holding the heavens on his back.

Other notable one to look for are the Peace Fountain, Good Defeats Evil, The Unisphere, and The Knotted Gun, this bronze sculpture is in honour of singer songwriter John Lennon and is a famous artistic symbol of world peace. For art lovers the world over New York City is definitely worth a visit, that you will not soon forget.