past shows

David Lukowski, installation detail, 2015

Two-Person Show: Make Out with the Known and the Unknown

Heliopolis presents a two-person show instigated by Emmy Mikelson featuring Birgit Rathsmann and David Lukowski.

Opening Reception: Tuesday 26 May | 6-9PM

Lukowski and Rathsmann installed sculptures that function like short stories, which share a matter-of-fact tone that is often amused, and sometimes heart-broken.

David Lukowski spent a long winter pondering intransigence. And he spotted five grey hairs. That effort colored four stubborn sculptures. An accumulation of non-degrading foam, photos and trash becomes the last snow pile of the Spring. A former telephone line pole, a ripening melon and beard hairs suggest a portrait of aging. A two-year old bottle of snow from a storm that didn’t fulfill its forecast sits by the window. A vitrine asks that a collection of bones cease to be seen as so many dog chew toys. Four disparate gestures reflect the passage of time and the ways we change.

Three objects by Birgit Rathsmann mark a new stage in an ongoing endeavor to understand how physical experiences with nature can become culture. Many summers’ worth of beach experiences are the raw material for researching our relationship to nature. Is reality an amorphous blob that is structured by human discourses and interactions? Or does it have some complicated irregular shape that is sampled by varying frameworks that happen to fit in local regions like segments of interlocking puzzle pieces? A tiny marzipan lifeguard chair quietly provides sweet perspective and the possibility of a different vantage point. A golden snack food is presented as jewelry on a sushi tray. A suspended oversized bikini plays with a fluidly erotic experience. Three objects exhibit a sly sense of humor about their role in an overly ambitious endeavor.

Open gallery hours: Saturday 30 May 12pm-6pm, Sunday 31 May 12pm-6pm, Monday 1 June 12pm-8pm and by appointment.

Please contact Emmy Mikelson at ekmikelson@gmail.com