past shows

Heliopolis Presents:




big window         little field


Zachary Fabri

Float Masters

Christina Freeman

K. J. Holmes

David Kagan

Shaun Leonardo

Dhira Rauch

Samita Sinha


Two nights: April 11th and April 25th starting at 7

A participatory work all month long





Heliopolis invites you to two nights of performance, April 11 and April 25. Though humble in its square footage, Heliopolis’ storefront space proposes itself as a condensed field for activating, intervening and questioning what constitutes a performance.


What does it mean for the audience to anticipate, experience, participate in such an event? How passive oractive do we behave with this type of experience that resists commodification yet brushes against entertainment? Is it possible to talk about this expansive terrain as egalitarian, breaking away from established hierarchies?


The works in big window     little field consider these questions through a variety of practice and scope. Like the genre of performance, the artists in this show are from a large breadth of definition. Their discipline, age, sex, orientation, outward and inward identity cast a wide net over the medium. These artists transport Heliopolis into an activated state.


curated by Georgia Elrod, Sarada Rauch and Baris Gokturk