past shows


Saturday, June 27th, 2015
5 - 11PM

TAKE SOMETHING / LEAVE SOMETHING has been the primary theme of the Heliopolis project over the past five years. The space began on a lucky whim. J Grabowski and Eliza Swann found a cheap storefront in their neighborhood where they would host shows, performances, music, poetry readings, and where Eliza would shoot video and read Tarot.

Over the years Heliopolis grew. New members were invited to join, most of who had been strong supporters all along: Georgia Elrod, Bill Abdale, Sarada Rauch, Baris Gokturk, Leo Goldsmith, Rachael Rakes, Andy Wolf, Allison Merz, Emmy Mikelson, Scott Penkava and Rachel Schmidhofer. We formed a group which allowed the project to expand and sustain itself financially. We avoided sponsorship, non-profit status, and above all, formality. The mission of the space emerged: to show the work of established and unestablished artists together and to foster a dialogue across all disciplines of making.

Unfortunately now, and many New Yorkers will find this familiar, we are losing our lease. 154 Huron is a special space where many many people have come to participate in all manner of forms. We were welcomed by our Huron Street neighbors and have since created a community of artists and poets that continues to grow and connect people. J Grabowski: "What I've learned from the space is, as an artist it is important to give some of your time to your community…or to seek one out…that art is a dialogue we share / an engagement that brings light to the work, to each other, to ourselves."

Thank you to everyone who made Heliopolis what it is.

We invite you this Saturday from 5 - 11PM to our farewell show/ party / bbq…bring something to hang on the wall, and take what ever you like; a trade.

154 Huron Street
Brooklyn NY